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Find the Cheapest Prepaid Calling Cards

You can order your prepaid calling cards online and start phoning  instantly! Browse the different programs reviewed here and select the long distance service that is right for you. The best ones have no connect fee, so that all the money you spend goes on your talking time. Rates for long distance calls within the United States start from 1 per minute! The two companies listed below have hundreds of cheap prepaid phone cards in their inventory and you can find a long distance plan for any calls you want to make around the world.


The Phone Card Superstore! INSTANT Online Delivery


Compare the different plans available to find the cheapest prepaid calling card for the area of the world you want to call. Select the best plan and enjoy instant online activation of your phone card. As soon as you've signed up and paid for your phone card, you can begin calling your friends and family. - Super Low Rates



Calling provides excellent plans for people living in over 100 countries. Choose the cheapest phone card for your long distance needs - whether you want to phone within the USA or call friends and family in other countries around the world.

Call Anywhere in USA for 1c a minute - No hidden fees! @
Over 15 hours of non-stop chat for $10!!




Search the prepaid calling card directory for the cheapest long distance rates around the world
to and from USA, India, China, Philippines & over 100 other contries!

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