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Online web page design building tools and logo creator

3D TEXT Logo Creator - try out various 3D effects and create cool, text logo banners for your web site.

Use the HTML Color Wheel to find just the right colors for your web page. Now includes a RGB-Hex value converter, too!

Try the online META tag generator to build the meta tags you need to make your web pages search-engine friendly.

Use the auto redirect code generator to automatically send your visitors to a new page. This code is useful if you want to add a transitional message before they land on the next page, or if you simply want to replace an old version of a page with one at a new address.


Web page tuneup to check your html code

It is crucial that your web pages have correct code if they want to rank high on most search engines. The best option for a site of any size or complexity is CSE HTML Validator Pro. You can download your own Free 30-day trial version to see what it can do for you, download the completely free HTML Validator Lite version, or try the online version below, too!

NEW! Check your document online with CSE HTML Validator Lite. Add this to your site.


Use these online tools to optimize your graphics. Reduce the size of your web site's gif and jpeg image files to speed up your visitors' downloads of your pages. You can often reduce the size of your image files by 30-50% without noticeable changes to the image quality.

Optimize images from your website - full range of compression offered for free

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Optimize Images from your hard disk - limited compression as a free sample:

GIFCruncher Free GIF Optimizer - Save up to 90%
Browse to select a GIF from your hard drive. Then click Crunch from Disk:

JPEGCruncher Free JPEG Optimizer - Save up to 90%
Browse to select an image from your hard drive. Then click Crunch from Disk:
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Visit WebmasterOrbit.com for several useful online tools you can use for free, including:




Take the Speed Test
See how fast your connection really is!

Discover the truth about  your Internet connection with Numion's Speed Test.

Read the AllProfitAllfree.com review of Propel Accelerator and see for yourself what speed improvements you can expect for your dial-up connection with acceleration software.




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